Crypto NFT Twitter/ Discord / Telegram growth

After succesfully growing multiple clients IG’s projects here on swapd with giveaways , im adding 2 services .
Were now offering twitter, discord and telegram growth, from Crypto & NFT pages ( 3.7m follower network )
Some clients use this network for youtube subscribers, subreddit subscribers or actions on Crypto websites .

The growth is done from real giveaways ( cash/ crypto )
people actually win.
thats why these campaigns are very effective.
No bots are used ever!

Twitter growth $125 per k
from 5k $110 per k
from 10k $100 per k
from 50k $90 per k

fast TAT


from 1 to 5k , $299 per k
10 to 20k $250 pr k
50k and above $200 per k


$550 Per 1000 discord members ( min order 2k )
$9.5k for 20k discord members
50k discord members $18K

other services that the network can be used for :

  • Retweets

  • Crypto / NFT /Fintech subreddit growth

  • Youtube channel Subscribers

  • Actions on Crypto websites, votes on Coinmarketcap

  • Producthunt Votes

Payment methods: Banwire Paypal
Crypto : USDT, Eth

Followers / Members are worldwide , they get a real incentive to join/ follow.
this is mainly a growth service, not an engagement/ or guaranteed clients service!

****Premium sources from established projects ( $1m+ volume ) are available as well, in this case there is a premium rate

Send me info bro

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Ticket on-site for Discord growth closed, 60% over delivered on number of members agreed on and completed order in 24 hrs.

large orders get discounts!

Hi! Do you do IG growth as well?

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yes i do!

Check inbox or send info pls

Thank you

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Hello.send me private info

2nd discord growth order delivered onsite , 70% overgrowth!!!

50k order delivered off site

3 spots for discord growth available!