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Why are you selling it now? How much has it made in the past month?

What is POD?

print on demand

What’s the actual profit % out of that 100K (that’s in volume, right?)
Good luck with sales!



What is the revenue out of it? How much in average are you making per sale?

Profit depends on marketing and promotions but it generally between 40 and 50 %

40 to 50%depends on marketing and promotions ,stopped advertising the last 4 months and profit is around 65%now

So you are running between 40%-65% ROI? Have you used your mailing list? What means of traffic have you used? Do we get your pixel data also?

used the retarget app until may and it got me amazing revenue with over 11% or returning customers , you;ll get all the used ads on facebook you, can repromote it or retarget as you like, for instagram it wasnt that successful as facebook used some shoutouts when you have the account you can prows the message to find them

How much are you selling for?

looking for 5k but open to offers

Send me videowalk on the shopify store and are the ads on the social media included?

I dont understand why you’re asking for 5k on a business that makes 40k profit a year?

Am I missing something?

I think we are missing something, because it makes no sense.

You need to invest money in order to make it I can’t invest now and be no partners at the moment, the store made below 2k the last 3 months with no marketing (it may lose it value) so I m selling

Missing what? Please ask any question I m here to clarify and answer

Video sent via pm

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You’re not missing anything, he is not selling a website that runs on search engine traffic, he is just selling his ads and the designs that worked for him to earn that much, the website have no real value if you don’t run ads continuously.

So to make $40k profit, you have to spend at least $20k.

At least this is what I think, but OP can clarify more.

Normally a website that relies on Google Search traffic because it rankes high, it would sell 10x more of the profit.

he get s it

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