Democrat / Liberal / Feminist - 20M impressions

Amount of followers: 62,000
Country of followers (majority): US
Topic/Niche: Politics - Democrat / Liberal Followers
Promotion methods used? All organic from content

Description: Retweeted regularly by high-profile, celebrity accounts
Perfect for branding with a blog or regular column

This twitter account is extremely high traffic, visibility & potential to monetize.

Go to Google news and search the news for (the account name) … Vogue, Washington Post, People, US News & World Report, Glamour, Sputnik, India Times, RT, Fox News have all picked up tweets from this account.

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20 million impressions over the last 28 days…?

Actually - there is a range. When I look right now I am down 23.4% because of the holiday & slacking on my part :slight_smile:

Right this second, it shows 12.1 million over the last 28 days.

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please send me the url

Sent you a screen shot. 38.2 million for the 28 day period I sent from a couple of months back.

Interested, please provide username.

What’re you looking to get for it?

Can you please send me information on this account?

Whats the handle? Do you have any stats or screenshots you can send me?

i work in marketing and know some one selling armpit shampoo, yes this is a thing! I know fems tend to grow out the pit hair but do you think this account would be a good to market the shampoo on?

Well, I suppose but it would have to be approached as a novelty type of tweet now and again. Humor combined with … “but you know you need it” … I could probably pull it off & get them lots of attention. I get picked up by some big publications. Again - go to Google news and search … name of account. You’ll find the account picked up regularly by Time Magazine, Glamour, Vogue, People Magazine, Huffington Post, Washington Post …

I’m wanting $5 - 10 thousand for the account.

Another idea is for your client to pay me to tweet about the product - and I keep the account. I’d work with them to develop the content, schedule of tweets and they pay $1.00 per impression that I manage to get for them. My audience is 62% female - scattered across demographics but around 30% make more than $100,000 a year.

Let me know if we need to have a phone call

I extremely doubt theres any chance you’re going to get 5-10k USD for only a 62k account.

Please note that the account sale also includes live content services for 60 days - a bargain.

The account gets 15 million to 32 million impressions in 28 days. Many days are over 1 million.

The account has been picked up regularly by People Magazine, Washington Post, Esquire, Vogue, Sputnik, the Guardian, India Times, Time Magazine, Glamour …

It is’t about the followers … it’s about the visibility. I could follow back and have over 100K … I don’t follow back unless there is content.

Unfortunate that amateurs are under the mistaken impression that getting followers is the best way to get your message, content, product or candidate in front of the most people.

It’s all about visibility and this account has more than most blue check / million follower accounts.

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