🜲 Diamond Club Member 🜲 Instagram & Facebook Unbans / Hacked Recoveries / 2FA Errors / Suspicion login Attempt

I was really looking forward to the return of this king. He helped me today, I recommend him to everyone! :star_struck: :exploding_head:

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Bump, 3 more nudity unbanned :moyai::handshake::moyai: with 30 day error and banned since July.

Taking cases for all ban types, including :

• Stuck review personal and business
• Copyright
• Counterfeit :moyai::moyai::moyai:
• Perm (regular)

Send me and i shall :moyai:

Also concerning Facebook requests, actively working on a solution to offer normal prices with rep for : unbans / hacked personal / pages / 2FA !! (I can do them but price starts at 3000$ Facebook related services)


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A nudity stuck on review for 2 weeks has been recovered in 2 days.

Also another generic @ claimed for Floyd Mayweather (his second claim with me) :moyai::handshake::moyai:



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