🜲 Diamond Club Member 🜲 Instagram & Facebook Unbans / Hacked Recoveries / 2FA Errors

Got a case which has been banned for 2 months. Boss got it recovered in less than 24 hours!

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Thank you for buying me my Dream House @Thanos

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Hi man, can i get a price for FB unbans? (copyright)

Hey boss ! I never tried with that rep copyright FB. Will ask now. Is it for a page ? Pm me with more info boss


@Thanos able to help?

@Thanos Brother, check your PM. I have a budget of over $10,000 USD.

Will answer all my dms soon sorry been terrible 2 weeks.

Still providing :

Unbans (everything except perm / fraud deception / cybersecurity)
Suspicious login
Lookup info
Generic claims (active and inactive)
Accessing inactive accounts

Also 2 generic claims done on site this week

Please check pm


Hacked recovery / 2fa are going smoothly :heart:

Also if you have any kind of errors / lock when trying to login, I may be able to fix

Such services are not allowed, please edit your topic.

Late reply ! I have removed the word β€œ lookup” from the thread titleπŸ™

@Thanos got me a FB back that had a 2FA Restriction on within 4 days! A few tried and couldn’t do it. Highly recommend!

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Thanks for the kind review boss :moyai::handshake::moyai: :

Currently working on Swapd on other FB related cases.

Taking requests for :

  • FB & IG unbans
  • FB & IG hack recovery
  • FB & IG 2fa bypass
  • Reset password for verified accounts
  • Shadowban removal
  • Banned generic claims (yes can still do :moyai:)
  • FB ad account and Business Manager unbans

And if you have any other problems feel free to send me :handshake: