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check pm please @professorfacebook

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[Ticket# 5098263] Managed to recover a really hard sexual case, took time but he persevered and succeeded! Thanks Professor you legend :smiley:

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Are the slots available?
Verification of instagram account

He recovered my disabled Facebook profile. I didn’t think he would actually be able to do it. Def. recommend.

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@professorfacebook check PM, looking to do my 30+ unban with you in this 5 package deal

Are you removing Perm Ban?

@Asalet yes doing them !!

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Hey my Ins account just got suspended today, and Ins says they gonna take 24 hours to go through censorship stuff to know whether the accounts goes against any terms. Do you offer any service to help get the account back. And apparently, the account didn’t go against any terms.

Another question, i have another account disabled and then deleted last year, is it still possible to get it back tho ( the username of it can’t be used anymore, like if i recreate and new account, and name the account by the previous id of the the deleted account, the system would respond with “the username not available”. Does this mean the data of the account still kept by Instagram date base)

Thanks for your help. And looking forward to your response.


I messaged you, can you please check DM regarding IG copyright, thank you.

This topic is now a paid feature! GLWS!

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Hi @professorfacebook I haven’t received a response from many days about my inquiries and ticket request please check the messages when you can

Hey Check PM

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This guy is the goat he’s recovered 15+ accounts in less than 2 weeks for me, all types of bans

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Hey brother check our ticket starting with #37 – I tagged you for multiple new cases


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