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Thank you @jamixson :hugs:

@phanzo ticket open :slight_smile:

Update - Have been away and slow with replies lately, Back on track.
Actively accepting orders :slight_smile:

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@professorfacebook check pm for more orders!

I didn’t expect from the professor to republish my unpublished FB page in just a few days. Highly recommended!

This may be a stupid question given the nature of the name… but can “perm” banned IGs ever be recovered? Do permanent bans exist, and how do you know if you’ve been?

@professorfacebook Hey man please check your PM :slight_smile:

Yes they can be unbanned, but first you need to verify your swapd account.
Send a message to @VERIFICATION to start the process.

@professorfacebook check pm

Sent PM prof, looking to start a ticket :slight_smile:

@jamixson cannot find anything in PM !! Please bump ?

I did 2 times

@professorfacebook please check PM

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@Sharre replied.

Was this addressed to me? Just as it was a reply on my comment and I did not receive any reply just yet in DM. Thanks.

[Ticket# 4563173] Recover another compromised account in less than 2 days, he works fast, doesn’t talk much, but at the same time, if some details arise, he will take the time to explain and solve it, he currently being very patient with me in other cases hehe :sweat_smile:

[Ticket# 7460733] He recovered a hacked account for me at an affordable price!

Hi! Please i have a group Facebook is hacked and i want to get it back

Did a job for me, This seller can deliver. Will work with him again!

[Ticket# 1572418] he recovered another account disabled for sexually suggestive content! as always always a pleasant experience :saluting_face: