[Diamond Seller] Instagram Generic Claim ( 10 claims on site)

Service type: Generic claims on Instagram

Price: 8k+


Doing generic claims, account can be active or inactive :moyai:

  • I can claim 2L and above

  • Username will come on a fresh account

:black_small_square: Timeframe 5-40 days for 5L and below

:black_small_square: Timeframe 5-30 days for 6L+


Reviews :


First ticket for vip / diamond no prepayment for 7k :handshake::blowfish:

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Glws, just dropped you a question!

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I answered you :blowfish::handshake:


Thank you!

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Bump generic claimed off site

Bump :blowfish: gona start 5 new claims this week hopefully for a client :crossed_fingers:

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First ticket on site opened, 2 more on site incoming too :blowfish:


Generic user claimed off site + one user released on swapd for a client, claim incoming soon :blowfish:

GLWS :fire: unique service :v:t3:

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Gona finish soon 2 generic tickets for a client on site :eyes: :blowfish: + another in like 2 weeks


4th ticket has been opened, expect to see results very soon •.•

First generic claimed on site :blowfish::fire:

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check pm @Thanos

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Second generic claim on site :blowfish::fire:

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Thank you so much for getting me the 2 generic accounts claims within 2 weeks.
Appreciate :+1:t2:Great work.

Buyers : This guy is currently the best & only one who is claiming generic names on this platform , Reasonable price too


@Sociovault :handshake: :blowfish:

check dm

Service still active, sorry for the late reply for everyone who messaged me will answer everyone soon :pray: just having some problems in real life, love is a hell of a drug :broken_heart: but i’ll never leave swapd i just love this site too much

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