Direct representative instagram claims 1L'S 2L'S verified accounts ogs everything! the best on site success rate 100%

hi everyone
i would like to interduce the best claiming service on this site

this service is done by a meta representative and not by a media or some portal
working with a huge company and i have connections with those representative
(please do not message me asking if i could sell the contact no i will not and never)

i could claim 1L’s 2’Ls anything /inactive usernames / pages / verified accounts and more

i will only need a current email linked or a old one or number that is currently linked or in the past
(if you can’t find anything i could find it for you for additional charge )

my starting price is $8,500 not including swapd fees do not message me if your budget is not less than that

my only payment is crypto

i will not be responsible for any thing after i give the account way i will take the the whole account and not the username if it was a username request so you will have to be responsible with it

my success rate is %100

i will be providing soon more unique services that was never offered before in this site for fb/ig

all account will be added to a fresh gmail or outlook

PM ME for more information thanks


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always available let me know

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let me know

Let see, dmd you

Claimed 3 accounts off site let me know for all your requests