DISABLED ACCOUNTS: Facebook Account Got Disabled

Recently, my account got disabled and I had most of my pages admin in that account. Lost access to those pages too. Is there anyone who knows how to recover a disabled Facebook account? I’ve tried most of the appeal forms provided by Facebook team but there were no reply from Facebook team. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Sorry to hear that. We used to have a guy here but he wasn’t cheap. I think he was charging 10K to unblock 1m fans. But that was a while ago and that service stopped. You’re pretty much out of luck and no suggestions will help you. Just hand on to the accounts and wait until:

  1. You find a FB plug.
  2. Some trick/service comes out that restores accounts (this happens from time to time)

This is Facebook, and these things are just a part of the game. You, I, anyone, we have nothing to say when FB pulls the trigger. That’s social media for ya.

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Okay. I’ll be waiting.

I faced the same problem,


DM me if you need to recover your FB account.