Disabled Accounts & Recovery

Hopefully this is the most appropriate place to post this. About two months ago I had a copyright claim made against me for uploading a video (which, at the time, was NOT owned by anyone.) ViralHog purchased the rights to it a week later, then my account disabled after a copyright claim. Fair enough. I was also using a nickname, which, again, fair enough. Issue is, this has crippled my business and left me with no income or ability to keep working through my business, as every account I make is instantly disabled. I’ve appealed the account using my real ID, and am more than happy to use my real name. The account is almost five years old now, and is in good standing otherwise.

Has anyone had experience here? I submitted proof of identity over a month ago and I’ve heard nothing back since. My entire life has been uprooted as a result of this, even limited employment opportunities in my field, as, you know, I can’t even create a temporary account without being kicked.

Any advice would be MASSIVELY appreciated. I’ve lost my network of a good 2M+ fans. Thousands of dollars, down the drain.

Just wondering, what platform was this on?

It’s FB account.

Ben, what did it say? Was it a ban?

I’ve noticed your account got disabled months ago.

All I was told by Facebook was “your account has been disabled.” I’ve noticed it hasn’t been permanently disabled yet, and have appealed using my actual ID (which I’m not a fan of, but regardless), but haven’t heard a thing back since. Is it normal to never hear a word from Facebook, or is my account just gone? I normally wouldn’t be so worried, but this has cost me thousands.

Same thing happened to me but my account was activated after a day. I appealed and constantly reminded them to reactivate my account after every one hour, I guess they got tired of my emails and decided to activate back my account

What email address(es) were you sending to? Or did you just send multiple appeals?

The same email they contact you with…

They haven’t actually contacted me though.

same problem can u help me?

I have the same issue, I lost all my hard work.

Same issue here. I’ve been sending appeals for months now, still no response from Facebook.

Hey @Lumi have you recovered the accounts ? i am facing the same issue .