Discord Username Claims


I am looking to buy the services of anyone who is able to claim Discord usernames. Please contact me directly via a private message or write under this thread.

Note: This is after the new Discord username update (Evolving Usernames on Discord), ie: without the #0000 numbers.

Moving to #buyer-requests

Would be quite cool if you could do the username claim service on Discord :eyes:

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Not hijacking the thread but also interested in this if someone has a contact at Discord. :eyes:

The whole reservation system is a complete joke.


Need this too

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Also interested in buying.

Seems like a lot of people would want this. If anyone can get a contact at Discord, it could generate a good amount of revenue. Especially while riding on this hype, when everyone is wanting a generic Discord username.

PS: It seems like Discord staff can pretty much claim any username, they’ve been taking generic usernames and recently also took someone’s already taken username. (Source: Reddit - Dive into anything)

Need this too, hmu if u can

I can swap usernames if needed


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