Do not work with people like Houston, who is not ID verified. Got ghosted and tricked by non verified swapd member

Please describe the issue you’ve found against someone who wronged you, or is a possible threat in order to warn our community. You’re not allowed to release information other than info freely found in public and on other sites. Posting proof is also recommended. No personal ID’s, photos, etc. Links/names/emails/contact info is OK.

Long story short, Houston Hefner reached out to me on my swapd post on his account & said his id is expired cant use swapd and so we chatted on IG he said he can do PR for 1500 I told him it will need to be escrow but I am willing to pay him $250 to write it, I paid him $250, he tried to ask for more later using sense of urgency tactic I declined. He ghosted me with the $250 and reaches out every so often trying to upsell me something else like he didn’t just take my $250.

He also changed his cash app username to an entire different brand after I paid him. I can’t find his swapd account anymore but he is in own here. If he ask you to pay him through DMs or offsite, do not do it.

It’s only $250 but it’s about the principle.

Shout out to the swapd admin for always taking care of users and making sure this type of stuff doens’t happen on site. I have opened many cases with them & I appreciate how efficient it has been for my team & I.

I also am out of pictures to upload with max limit being 5 but the last photo was essentially me messaging him for 2 weeks replying to his stories with no replies about my article draft.

Anyways lesson learned!

have a blessed week everyone!!


I assume this is his swapd

edit: anotha one
Profile - Houstonheff - SWAPD

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@Swapd have him banned

Also if you want actual PR there are credible people here who can help you
I run a U.K. PR agency so if that’s what you want lmk

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Solid work

Swapd is not net police.
I think only deals happening here should be posted

Agreed and that also includes poaching swapd members to other platforms to bypass swapd security measures using social engineering like-type schemes

I can provide all
These articles man stop getting scammed :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Ugh sorry to hear. Keep contact on site! :sob:

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Sir, I am going to need you to step away from your keyboard.


This Houston Heffner/ kelby dish guy is a lame serial scammer
his dream is to be the new hugh heffner of OF girls.
But he also claims hes the king of press and verifications, but 1000% he will ghost you after payment

he’s from Houston and claims he worked for RAP A LOT Records, and did work for other celebrities like johnny-dang, but thats all BS

He scams every single person he can, then uses the funds to gamble in ■■■■ coins and loses it all.

acording to some close ppl to him, he used to complete orders for clients back in the days, but for the past 3 years he didnt even bother to do anything after receiving payment. besides betting on some horrible altcoins…

i also got some info of things he did to his closest family members, but i was asked to not tell anyone, so im keeping my word
but yeah lowest of the lowest type of scumbag ■■■■ .

Stay clear from this confused crackhead, cause he’s bad news.
owes a lot of ppl money.
if he scammed you , i would file a police report!
his face and real name are all over the internet