Do you think our focus should shift towards Facebook Groups instead of Facebook Pages

Hello Guys,

In light of what Zuckenberg and other people from Facebook have said during last couple of months, regarding the declining reach and focusing more on community building.
Do you think it is better to concentrate more on building groups instead of fb pages?
Do you think that groups will be more valuable and we will be able to earn more through them?

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they are but its also a lot of work if the group grows…i have an active one with 40k people and you need at least a couple of admins to keep it clean


i was working with fb group , massplanner and automate everything but now it’s hard to drive traffic from groups

They also don’t have as good of stat keeping, making valuing them very hard.

Plus not a huge amount of branding value with them. Pages are uncertain a little right now, but they are so valuable for content they will find a home on the platform.


I keep seeing lately Facebook recommends groups on my feed on fb app.
I think it is very aggressive on groups now. And maybe in the future it will introduce similar insight tools like for pages.

Also the reach-views as I see is very high for groups and the engagement also.

i just don’t understand why they are very undervalued. i have received offers to buy groups with 60k mebmers USA mostly for 250$ if it was a page they would probably ask around 800-1k $!?

Well there are a few reasons, one is control, you have to admin them with other people being able to post content so often, so your not only not keeping full control of what is posted but you have to monitor every post also, so it can be a lot more work and not as autopilot.

As I say lacking stats makes it hard to prove what posts are doing with traffic, so its really hard to nail trends down. Makes them hard for our end, auditing them is super hard to do.

And then as I said too branding and loyalty is basically non existent. So you are limited in some cases. I would prefer pages over groups in the long term, I reckon. The stats really hurt trading them, because its hard to know what they really doing for 100%

I agree it’s hard to track stats but there are schedulers for groups as well that can drop content and links. I kind of think he would rather us have groups so people are actually in them if they want to be and not clogging the newsfeed.

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You are allowed to limit who can post. You can make it so something has to be approved before it’s posted

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Well I agree on your points.
So maybe the best thing to do is to find some topic that one is really interested in. So the managing of the group will be more fun.

Anyone who has any group to sell please PM me.