Domain Unblock From FB || (Just Need Domain Name)

Service type: Domain Unblock From Facebook

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Description: Domain Block in facebook is a major problem now a days. Because if your domain block in facebook you can not share your site link on facebook.

Here I’m for Unblock Your domain from facebook. If you interested then PM me.

Needs: Only Need Your Domain Name :white_check_mark:

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I’d like to add that in many cases, the unbanned domains get banned right back up in a few days on the services I’ve tried (tried 2-3). Facebook doesn’t always manually ban pages, if anything, it’s automatic. If FB picks up your domain again, it will be gone in a few days. So, @ashiqul71, you need to provide some sort of warranty here or rename your service to “I will unban your domain probably for a few days, maybe!” :smiley:

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But then again, our domains are probably more prone to this than others. I guess it depends on what it got canned for. Either way, inquire before purchasing.

How much

We’re willing to give it a try, please pm us.

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Check PM…!!! :call_me_hand:

We already messaged you and you didn’t reply. Please PM us with price and what the guarantee is per @Swapd’s comment above.


Sent you another PM.
@Swapd is there a reason this is happening?

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