DROPSHIPPING Store, Rare Niche with Very High Potential

Domain name: sixcito.com
Website included?: Yes
Price: $1000

Description: The store looks great and is generating about 100 sessions on a daily basis without any advertisement cost. I’m selling this as it’s very difficult in my country to set up payments properly and many banks have issues with international payment.

It has 100+ products majorly in the hypebeast niche!

You have a supplier for the shoes and what are your profit margins?

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I’m presently looking to fulfill the orders through etsy & shortlisted some good suppliers, they take around 2-6 days per pair & I’m taking a period of 14 days to avoid any confusions.
Atm I’m getting $50-100 usd per pair🙌🏾

AF1s themsellves are almost $100, I find it hard to believe people do customs for almost free.

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AF1s are usually $70-90
And yeah people do the customisations for real cheap so yeah… Profits are high for each pair

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