Dropshipping Store Ready To Sell!

Domain name: Private, will be sent to buyers with serious inquiries
Website included?: yes of course
Price: $8,000 or best offer!


Dropshipping Store
Quarter to date
Revenue $22,119 (profit around $7k)

The store comes with active social media
Instagram - 7,000 followers

Mailing List -
5,000 subscribers

Reason for sale - need to make time for other and larger businesses;)

You can promote the store on Instagram,Google,

and Facebook and return the investment within a few months

Hey! What category are you selling in?

iPhone case/accessories!!

Dont buy, his page is inactive for so many weeks now and the cases he sells are saturated and nobody buys them anymore its a 1 product shop. This is my personal advice/feedback. 15,000$ is so much money so…!!

Hey, could you pm me i have some questions!

$15,000 for a dropshipping store with no inventory, having to create a new FB pixel just to advertise is absolutely BANANA land. This guy is living on Mars