E-commerce business for SALE

Domain name: Private
Website included?: Yes
Price: 550$ Negotiable
Urgent Sell so open to acceptable offers !!!
Online store e-commerce , with a variety of products and really nice domain name to scale it up even more. Extensive design with modern siluettes by the amazing theme that has. Shop has been active for the most part from 22nd August to 25th November and
has generated 1,395.86 US$ . With small product adjustments and minimal advertising the site can run itself and provide a monthly profit. I offer a lot of videos for ads , from Instagram Page with 5.500 followers, 90% followers are real, which is also included and you get it from the bundle.

Send me link please

url please.

Whats your url please?

can i see the link, and insta account


Link please!

can i have the link please

Link please

Profit-Expense ratio? Pm link.

Price down to 350$ !!!

What’s the url?

Link please

I’m interested. Please PM me the handle. Thanks!


Url and insta link plzzz

Pls send the link and handle for social media

Everyonr sent

send link please

New years discount going for 250$ now and for the next 5 days. Website it’s not online right now since haven’t payed the month’s bill at shopify. Every information that you need is on the post already.