Elon's Twitter Verification Service: PR Support Available [All Niches accepted]

Twitter Verification Service - Quickest Turnaround + Professional Deals

Direct Submission starts at $5750 and pricing will vary if it’s a brand or NFT project. We can accept all niches.

I don’t have any PR. Will you help?

Don’t worry; I will work on the PR package from scratch and can get you verified.

Cost for PR: $1K to $2.5K [Depends on the profile, we will pick the sites based on the niche]

Which sites will be used?

DM me your details; I will analyze and share suitable sites that make the profile eligible for Verification. Not going to use the same set of sites for everyone will only abuse the system.

  • Turnaround Time: 24-48 hours from submission. [5+ profiles verified within a few hours, will be the same for most cases]
  • Payment: USDT/ETH

I will only accept credible profiles; please do not PM me with news organization requests; I will not take them. It will ruin the golden opportunity we have been presented here.

Lets go :rocket: :rocket:




GLWS :zap:

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This is your guy for any PR needs! GLWS Boss :partying_face:

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Hi Im looking to buy this service. Please let me know whats needed to get started.

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Three Tickets started already - Replied to all, In case if I missed anyone, hit me up.

DM me the profiles to see if it’s eligible already or need more PR. I suggest sites based on what’s required.

I will also double check with my rep to see if it can be approved or not. Saves your time!!


15+ profiles got verified with the PR package I delivered, consistent success with the submissions.

DM me your profile - I will analyze and share what more needed to make it eligible.

Crypto/NFT Projects - I can work on your PR from scratch that guarantees verification.

Working on PR for 5+ NFT Projects right now - Verification expected this week.

DM me your profile to know the eligibility for Blue check on Twitter.

After PR we can apply directly within app or we have to pay someone for submission ?


Good question.

No guarantee it will work through app. I’m doing PR that will get profiles eligible for submitting through portal or rep.

messaged you, waiting to hear back, thanks

Successfully VERIFED two Twitter profiles already - took only a few hours. :dizzy:

I can customize PR package for any niche clients and get them verified.


Hands Down Best in the game, Highly Recommend. Got the work done way before TAT. :star: :star::star::star::star:


GLWS :smiley:

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Got our client verified from scratch! Way too quick and understand what he’s doing very well.
Go to @Elon if you want your work to be done without HEADACHES. :ok_hand::white_check_mark:


pm please

Thanks for the glowing reviews!!

Delivered 4+ verification on-site in one day. Good Pricing on offer with a quick turnaround. (few hours max).

Slots available for Monday - Verification will be done in few hours max.

PR & Verification can be delivered within 4 to 5 business days, this includes the blue check.