(Employee! Accepting Businesses) IG/FB Verification


I am offering my verification services for IG and FB. One of the few offering this with the option of submitting via a direct employee. I can verify both personal pages and businesses.

Verification (Business/Personal)


You need to be a public figure, in case of a brand or business you need to be legitimate as well.

You also NEED articles. 5+ QUALITY articles is good, 10+ is superior.


I have multiple pricing options:

If you have a personal profile and wish to be verified through an employee (faster, higher success rate) it is $4000.

If you are a business the submission method needs to be through employee and will cost $5000.)


Interesting :slight_smile: Good luck with sales.


It would probably help if you ID verified with SWAPD by contacting @VERIFICATION. Most users who want to do business here have to do it anyway, and many potential buyer won’t even talk to you if you’re not verified.


Reposted due to account referral issues!

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Will do!


Sent you a pm interested in business acxount verification


What’s the TAT by each method?
TAT with portal.
TAT with employee.


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I have my personal Account for verification or if you can submit new username ??

Hey, I can do both. PM me!

1-2 weeks portal
1-3 days employee

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I dont know portal or employee… whatever is cheaper and effective need
Email also if the account is new… mine is REDACTED FOR PRIVACY check it

I’m ready whenever you are.

See PM.

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I can personally vouch for this user. Got me handles in the past.



Have PMed you

Portal 1 - 2 weeks?


Im in sent you a pm

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Would love to hear about some successful verification, and I’ll be one the ppl to do business with u :slight_smile:


Are 2-3 Letter IG claims possible? If account is inactive for 4-5 years?

Congrats for all ig’s who will get banned when the “employees” get exposed from Facebook (if this it’s true you think Mr. Zuck won’t know it sooner or later? lol)

Did you seriously think, An employee of Facebook, accept to risk his gold job (100k minium) , for Get 4k (so less since that guy have to earn too)?

Be serious :joy::joy:

Also, media portal take 1-2 days. Not weeks. Guys who I get verified here can confirm they get in less than 1 day