End of “Appeal Bot” era

An update for all the members here.

Please do not buy subscription to any kind of Appeal Bots. They no longer works. An update was rolled out in May in few countries ( Australia mainly ) for “ Verify to appeal “ option.

The update is now live in India, USA and Europe.

What happens during this update ?

Account disabled from now onwards ( not confirmed maybe on old disabled accounts too ) will receive the following message when trying to appeal for Recovery.

So you have to submit the appeal from within the app for its successful review. An appeal option appear after 24 hours of confirming your Mobile Number or Email on account, whatever they ask when you login to disabled account.

I personally experienced it and @SWAPD was updated during this whole time. My account was falsely banned for impersonation and its fully reinstated now ( after 48 hours ).

I know there was a project on sale here for Appeal Bot and someone bought here I guess or maybe offsite.

I have read similar thread on another forum and this update is live now.

Peace !!

The one we had listed on site sold not too long ago (off site).

Looks like it was sold on purpose and the owner was aware of it.

Maybe I’m wrong with this speculation.

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I use this service often. This was rolled out a few weeks ago as the provider I’m using has switched to microworkers, (employing real people for the unbans). Though they’ve never asked me to confirm the account, so maybe this is a new update?