Engaged and Targeted Instagram Growth using the Mother/Child method OR Fan-base Method. Gain real, targeted and engaged followers ➡️ No Bots! ( NOT Giveaways, NOT Per K, NO Bots, NO fakes etc.) )

Service type: 100% Organic Handmade Instagram Growth–Mother/Child Instagram Growth. Get Followers that convert to customers and engage
Price: $900 to $5k per month
Estimated growth: 1k-25k followers per month
Countries: All countries ( Provide us with your target countries and we do the work )
Niche: Personal, Real estate, artists, only fans, theme pages, e-com, style & fashion, beauty e.t.c

Description: This is not growth per K, Influencer giveaways, Megas, loop or shares. This growth method is purely organic and especially suitable for generating leads, sales or engaged followers

:x: No password or login required
:x: No actions performed on your account
:white_check_mark: More affordable price packaging so that its more cost effective than running ads or other growth methods that yield real growth/engagement.
:white_check_mark: Your posts will be getting increased engagement.
:white_check_mark: You will be able to rank on hash tags for your niche.
:white_check_mark: You will be able to rank on the explore page.

  • This is also not automated, Accounts are managed 100% via a mobile smart phone by V.As

It takes 4-5 weeks and we target pages in your specified country, city or town based on your request

30 Acc, Beginner 1k to 3k est growth. $900
60 Acc, Basic 2k to 6k est growth. $1.5k
120 Acc, Standard 4k to 9k est growth. $2.5k
240 Acc, Premium 9k to 18k est growth. $4k
580 Acc, Platinum 16k to 32k est growth. $5k

Note: Swapd fees are not included, so you will be paying the fees

holy overpriced daaaaaaaammmn

i used to sell 100 accs for $600 per month, before the Instagram clap down, its definitely harder now, but damn bro your ■■■■ is expensive


I used to do this too haha.

If you ever offer guarantees lmk.

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Yeah the harder organic Instagram growth becomes, the more expensive mother/child becomes.
And it’s not only about selling child accounts. Its about managing the child accounts to achieve a desired number of following

Yep, if you dont hit the followers estimate as stated in the listing, there will be a full refund

Cheapest you can offer ?

PM me for discounts

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Your high price aside, i would say mother-child is one of the most organic sources of followers you can get.

If you guys can afford it, definitely go for it m/s is as organic and real followers get.

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Yeah man and its getting harder by the minute because IG is fighting any growth method that isnt paid Ads

I’m interested. But what exactly is mother/child method though?

Put simply basically what most public figures use to grow.
You sometimes see fan pages or other pages pushing content and traffic to the main (mother) page.

The fan pages(child) is created and repurposed in a way to look like the main page but this time instructing its followers to follow the main page to get more content or something, based on the kind of page.


Still taking growth requests

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I would but it seems too expensive

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I think this growth process is a good process. However, the price is very high for this type of service.

Well with Great followers comes Great Fee :wink:

taking orders and custom requests

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Just completed a ticket for 4k organic and targeted followers for a CBD brand
All targeted and not giveaways :wink:
Thanks @Reignco

What is mother/child growth exactly?

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is a method to promote a single Instagram page (the mother account) using a number of other Instagram subpages (child accounts).

The mother/child method is known by many names including the mother-slave method, the fan page method, and the DM method. They are all one and the same. The mother-slave method is without a doubt the best way to grow an Instagram page with super-targeted, highly engaging, and real followers. It is by all means far superior to the giveaway growth method

5 STARS!!! @daejjy Is the real deal. all targeted followers as promised. no bots

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