Entertainment & Music Media Panels for Sale

Hi everyone, we’re offering some Facebook media panels for sale! These are legitimate media panels provided by Facebook, which are able to do name change requests, verification submissions, etc.

We’re selling two different panels, one being an Entertainment niche, and the other a Music niche. Both panels are EU based. These panels already have an account associated to them, so we’d be handing over access to the respective account. We can also provide a new panel (specifically music niched) onto a Facebook account provided by the buyer, but would take some additional time to do so.

We’re going to be keeping this listing up for a bit of time to see different offers, but these are generally the amounts we’re looking for - please do not message us if you’re not within this general budget:

Entertainment Niche Panel - $40K
Music Niche Panel - $30K

If you have any questions or inquiries about anything, please feel free to send a PM :slightly_smiling_face:



What’s the Specific difference between the two niches & can they submit fake musicians

Main difference are the kind of clients you’d be able to make requests for. With the entertainment panel you can make requests for Actors, Filmakers, Podcasters, YouTubers, etc. Music panel would mainly be for musicians.

Yes, you can submit fake musicians, although that’d be done at your own risk



Sent a message regarding this

Responded to PM’s :+1:

Please pm me


Please check DM !



Interested in the music niche panel! Pls pm as I have a few questions :slight_smile:


Might buy this soon :heart:

Sent you a pm @Lunar please respond as soon as you can thanks.

Pm me about the entertainment kind

Have gotten a lot of inquiries for the music panel, but still haven’t gotten much for the entertainment kind if anyone is interested.

Hi, @Lunar I hope you’re doing great. I’m looking to buy Music Niche Panel from you, let me know if it’s available for sale.

looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards.

Interested in music panel, pls dm