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Another opening up tomorrow. Secure it now. PM with all required info for a fast decision.

Which one is it? Is your price changing due to changing prices in ETH. But, in that way isn’t it a ‘steal’ for you if and when ETH goes higher? So, ideally the quoted ETH price should stay static regardless of market value.

Lol. Slow day? Changing due to costs and what is involved. Thanks…if it had to do with price falling it would be much higher as the price of It has halved. Costs to deliver increase. Therefore cost to consumer increases. Simple.

More delivered. Have room for one more before the weekend. PM me with complete details and I will let you know whether or not we can get you done.

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Closed another few tickets. Who is next?

Interested and can open a ticket

Glws I’ll let you know if I want to do it soon