Entrepreneur / Public Figure / Actor / Model Instagram verification

Service type: Instagram Verification
for Public Figures / Actors / Entrepreneurs / Influencers / Models

Price: $5,000 Including Swapd fees - submission only.

Description: I have done over 5 onsite and a ton off-site.

• Client must have credible press (10-15 links)
• Wikipedia pages help - not a requirement.
• Google Knowledge Pannels help - not a requirement
• Organic press mentions help.
• This is really case by case basis, I’ve done 5 Entrepreneurs onsite & over 40 offsite and their press / niches range so please PM all clients info!


he verified me in 5 minutes after submission


Thank you :pray:t4: It was great working with you.

indian pr works? @TheLovelyOwl

72 hours after we lock down a submission date - I prioritize on first come first serve. Feel free to send me the case!

Hello bro I want to start a ticket with u?

Can you give examples of publications that work and those that don’t? What’s the turnaround time?

It depends on the niche, I stay away from arabic / Indian press for the most part unless it’s super strong and fits the clients niche.

Need 5 top tier organic articles, it’s really case by case! Turnaround time is 7 days from submission date - and I prioritize on first come first serve so dates get taken up pretty fast.

Do you also do the press?

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Can you submit a European entrepreneur?

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Yep! PM me

Can an entrepreneur present himself in Spanish?

Hello there,

I have an inbound lead looking to have their account verified. I believe she falls under the Entrepreneur category. She would need to have some article features before she can be verified right?

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Yes need 5 top tier links feel free to PM case to me

Check PM @TheLovelyOwl

Still reviewing will let you know asap!

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I sent you my case as well, please let me know if its eligible.

Is this still an active service?

Yes PM case