Facebook Account Disabled

So like 2 days back, I suddenly got logged out of FB, one of my friend’s page was deleted completely, without any warning and I got a 3-day post block. Okay, fine. My friend’s account was disabled at that moment only. So now, just a few hours ago, FB suddenly decides to disable my FB account saying that they have warned me before that they will delete my account if I keep violating their ToS.

  1. The page was literally DEAD for more than a year. No one was posting anything on it. The last time I posted on the page was around 2.5 years back and I posted at max 5-10 posts which DIDN’T violate any copyrights. It’s not even my page and I was just added because it’s my friend’s page.

  2. I keep a record of each copyright strike/post block I get. I haven’t broken any rules or posted any copyrighted content. Before this, we got a copyright strike on our big page back in March. The content was posted by the ‘owner’ of the business. 1st copyright strike on the page and the page got deleted instantly and we got 3-day blocks. The copyright strike was a MISTAKE and the company who made the strike, RETRACTED IT. We got our page back and it’s still up and running.

  3. Before that, I haven’t had any major post blocks or strikes. All my pages are still up and running but Facebook decided that just because I am on the page, my account should also be disabled.

Can anyone please help me in this matter? I have sent numerous emails but till now I haven’t gotten any reply. I tried filling that appeal form available at the Help Center but I just got an automated email response that they warned me before about this and my account is disabled. What warning? You guys are making faulty decisions and ruining people’s lives…

I am seriously fed up with their nonsense. I don’t think I am in any wrong and I have done everything to make sure that I don’t break any ToS. Even when I am following their rules, this stuff happens. I think unless they are hit with some legal action, they won’t correct their faulty system.
Edit: I know getting a lawyer/taking any legal action would be futile but that’s all I can think of right now other than stalking Facebook employees on Linkedin

Sorry for your loss and sorry for what I am about to tell you. Don’t try to look for logic in this situation, quite often pages get unfairly caught in Facebook’s crappy algorithms and get deleted for no good reasons. If not that, maybe you simply pissed off a Facebook mod with something on your page (they’re human too) and he decided to wipe your things. There are tons of things that may have happened, and you won’t know for sure unless you have a plug at FB or you spend a lot of ad money to where FB would do anything for you.