Facebook and Instagram Media Panel Acquisition Mentorship and Guide - Twitter, and TikTok included! Stop paying $25,000 for bad panels, get free panels in the matters of days!


All please stop asking for a discount , price is $8.5k and will continue to increase

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Great service, good luck with sales.

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8.5k is to cheap :sweat_smile:

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I believe so too lol glad you are satisfied with your purchase :pray:t4:

Never asked to lower price lol

Meant for everyone in my messages

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Sad Jim Carrey GIF by Laff

Look like an amazing service, GLWS :raised_hands: :fire:

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Getting a lot of inquires, have completed 10+ on site, people are acquiring panels and receiving access ID numbers. :fire:

We do sell music + entertainment panels for separate price and we do offer bundles such as…

Guide / Mentorship + Access ID + Media Panel

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Got another panel a couple hours ago :chart_with_upwards_trend::fire: LFG!!


Media panels being claimed everyday now :fire:
One spot left at $10,500 next price $12,000+

GLWS brother!

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bump bump

Thinking about only allowing 2 more purchases of the method :eyes:

Have you acquired a portal yet?

I believe they did and can confirm @Lex_Luthor did within 48 hours if I’m not mistaken, and @finallyverified has confirmed 3 themselves

Yes I can confirm