Facebook and Instagram Verification

Service type :

Facebook and Instagram Verification

Price for Public figures :

$2000 Facebook (+ Transferwise/Swapd Fee)

$2500 Instagram (+ Transferwise/Swapd Fee)

Price for Business :

$3500$ Facebook (+ fee)

$4500$ Instagram (+fee)


If you’re interested, send me the full requirements over a PM for a personal review to see if you qualify for verification.

Please don’t ask me to Google your name, or just provide the articles. You have to provide ALL THE REQUIREMENTS mentioned here. Without that, I can’t review anything and will delete your message.

  • Link to account/page for submission (FB or IG)
  • Link to connected FB Fanpage (required for Instagram)
  • Link to other socials (Twitter/FB/IG/TikTok)
  • Website
  • Wikipedia (not a requirement, but adds extra chances to get verified)
  • Press Articles (must be about you as the main subject, so not like “top 500 Instagrammers to follow” but like a full feature) minium 10 articles. If you don’t have 10, we can provide at additional cost.
  • Copy of your government-issued photo ID.
  • A couple changes required on the account setup (for example a professional bio and other things)

**For Business request we need same requirements plus an online trademark **


We are able to provide Instagram and Facebook verification through our Media Partners like most other service providers on Swapd :slight_smile:


Payment methods we accept:

  • TransferWise
  • Bank wire
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Hi - what is the cost for the additional articles to be verified on IG?

Username: @DJDEEP

Thank you!

Imdb:- 120$
Wikipedia India:- 450$
Zee News English:- 450$
The Week:- 300$
ANI:- 300$
Google Knowledge Panel:- 500$
Business Standard (without ani):- 300$
Hindustan Times:- 300$
News X:- 250$
Deccan Herald:- 250$
IBT Singapore:- 250$
IB Times:- 250$
The Statesman:- 250$
Asiannet News:- 250$
America Daily Post:- 250$
London Daily Post:- 250$
Latestly+ Yahoo:- 250$
Mid Day:- 250$
Thrive Global:- 250$
The Business News:- 250$
My Nation:- 250$
APN News:- 300$
Business Deccan:- 250$
Iwm Buzz:- 200$
Seekers Time:- 200$
Ventes Magzine:- 200$
Net News Ledger:- 150$
The India Saga:- 150$
Influencive:- 150$
Nagpur Oranges:- 150$

Thanks Ranvir!

Do you also help getting a username that is inactive?

How long does it take to get the 10 articles and then verification?

What information would you need from me to get this started?

Thanks again,

Some articles same day , some 7days

After complete articles verification in 10Days

Anyone vouches ?

for ?

firstly complete for make eligible your profile after that do verifiction

If you’ve completed a verification ticket on site

just PM’d

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