Facebook fanpage - 138k likes - Hairstyles (men) related


Property type: Facebook fanpage
Amount of fans/followers: 130k +
Topic: Mens hairstyles.
Price: Best offer.

This property was once listed on ViralAccounts.com, but due to a non-paying bid it came back on the market. I honestly forgot that I’ve had it. The users are from non-premium countries (Algeria), but it seems pretty active.


Hey can you shoot me a link?



Still available.


Since this isn’t a premium page and I hate keeping it I am setting the price to only 100$ USD.


Really? Not even 100 USD ? :slight_smile:


Direct message me link please and I might spend $100 depending on audience



Ouch on the stats. $50 is max. All low quality qeos


What’s the matter? You don’t want to open up a barber shop in Algeria, Nepal, or Morocco? The market is HUGE! :smiley:


I will consider it and let you know.


Lol ok