Facebook IA Country restriction

Today I confirmed that Facebook IA was restricted to some other countries beside what they have listed in their official page.

After adding the bank details to monetization manager, when tried to link the bank account to an IA app I received the error that this country is not eligible for payments.

Contacted Audience Network support and they confirmed it too that they don’t accept anymore the banks from that specific Country, even though it was not listed in their official page.

This confirms again what other users compained here or other forums that IA have closed it’s doors for a lot of countries, mostly what they believe as high risk countries.

Anyone else with the same problem here???

Anyone knows how can we bypass this new restriction??

Can someone paste the list of countries not supported ?

As far as I know, no one knows.
They haven’t published it, only if someone that’s inside shares the list.

Create a bank account in another country, on your name.
I’ll probably make a thread to explain how to create bank account in different countries, from many currencies, with debit card.