Facebook & IG Verification (PR included). Successful deliveries onsite!

Service type:

I can get your Facebook or IG account verified including your PR. The service I offer is guaranteed. You dont pay anything if I fail.

PR + Facebook Verification (Guaranteed)
Price: $3600
Timeline: 3 weeks

PR + FB+ IG Verification
Price: $12000
Timeline: 6 weeks

Price: $9000
Timeline: 4 weeks

Only verification submissions

FB verification - $1950
IG verification - $2700

The press we create includes mid sized websites. The sites are American, Canadian etc. We create as many articles as we need to get Facebook or IG done. The press we do for IG is more extensive than the press we do for FB.

You must have 7-10k followers on your page. I don’t care if these are fake. While this is not an official requirement, it is a lot easier!

What I need from you?
-Your ID

  • Answers to a questionnaire so that I can write the articles
  • 5-7 pictures

Please have this ready before you start a ticket

Frequently asked questions

Can you approve the content of the articles?

Articles can be sent for approval. I will need the approval in 24-48 hours. If you don’t need approval, the process is quicker.

Which websites are you offering?

I have a list of 30-40 websites. The press will be done on any of those. That mix will be decided by me.

Do you need to give admin access or passwords?

No, I don’t need admin access.


Willing to do these without prepayment as long as you are a VIP member

What happens if I fail?

It doesn’t cost you anything. You do not pay for PR. Yes, I am that confident.

Payment methods

BTC, TW, Bankwire


What happens if you were unable to verify the client’s Facebook page? Does he still need to pay for the PR?

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No, you don’t pay for anything. I am that confident.


Sent you a PM

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I’ve known @Jkr123 for a while now and they are amazing to work with! We’ve done a lot of work together in the past and I’d highly recommend working with @Jkr123


Who needs Facebook verified!

DM incoming

Replied to all DMs.

DM :slight_smile:

Started 2 tickets today. Taking on more orders! Get your FB verified.

First verification delivered on site! Boom!


Jkr verified me in few days
Thanks for the job done my friend !


One more delivered onsite!


which articles will you use

You’ve pasted the same thread as me (I am flattered with the imitation). I’m sure you have your own list…lol.


Pm .

Hello! I have two clients; do you encourage resellers? If yes, please message me with details on reseller prices for IG. Thank you.

User delivered a successful FB Verification.

Recommended !!


Just delivered an IG verification for @Mrstekdahl


Yes well done, thank you!