Facebook / Instagram verification for musicians

Service type: Facebook / Instagram verification for musicians
Price: $1099


Facebook & Instagram verification ONLY FOR MUSICIANS , that includes:

  • Singers
  • Songwriters
  • Producers
  • Record Labels
  • Music Publishing Companies
  • DJs


  • Account to be verified
  • Facebook profile / page or website of the person / entity (in case of submitting a website, the domain must match the name of the person / entity, for example: Selena Gomez - selenagomez.com)
  • Full name of the person / entity
  • Press articles, Wikipedia (optional), Spotify (optional), and other relevant links (up to five)
  • Country where the account is based in
  • The account must be at least 30 days old and it must have a display name and bio indicating the person / entity that it represents.
  • The account must have at least 6 posts.

Don’t send me fake or bought PR cause I simply won’t respond

Remember you can’t have a verified badge just because you want one, you must prove you’re relevant in the field, have authentic PR and a good online presence

Please do not submit unless you have a music-related account!


Great pricing.

Is it mandatory to have 100K+ Spotify listeners?

GLWS :boom:



No, but having it makes the chances of getting verified higher

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Sent DM

So the cost covers both IG and FB vertification? If yes then the price is really good If someone isn’t getting verified even after meeting those requirements.


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Amazing Package. GLWS

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Amazing Pricing Come Ib

All country or which country if you write in post its good for you

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Si this still available?


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Can you dm me I have some questions

Price for ig?

I’m down. Pm me!

Dm me

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Still available?

Hey pm

Is this insured? If the musician is rejected for lack of press, will you resubmit with more press until client is verified?