Facebook & Instagram Verification Service - Partner

Service type: Facebook & Instagram Verification Service | Partner
Price: 2999$ for verification (Excluding Fees)) only English press.

Verification for PUBLIC FIGURES & Musician via no require access


I’m back with a new topic and service.

Some requirements to verification:

  • URL Facebook/Username
  • There are 10+ articles about account/page on Google - Good search - Top tier publications (no branded/sponsored/mentioned content). The account/page name should be mentioned at all times and on the title.
  • Time from 1 day → 7 days.
  • Not entrepreneurs, brand & no locale pr

For Musician: 2700$ (Excluding Fees)

  • Google Knowledge Panel.
  • Verified on Spotify, Apple Music,…
  • A few PR, good search, top tier publications.

When texting, make sure you include the information (it will help me look it quickly)
**Please don’t text me for low PR or PR service

Trade via Swapd. Payment: BTC/USDT Only


Open with a best offer.

Can’t seem to DM you, can you dm me please thx

Okay, sent

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Please message me with more info.

@MrJett kindly lmk you can do verification for arabic account as well

please send information to PM, I will check it

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You’ve received multiple messages in the last 24 hours - so I don’t think there’s an error regarding your profile.

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@MrJett i have pm you kindly have a look

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Send me a PM

Please PM me.

For serious buyers, I am available. PM for work

Currently I am still open for Verification requirements, best deal rates. Verification process:

  • Checkout - send URL to verify - done (6 hours -> 4 days).

I use Facebook’s Media Portal to submit requests, so you can rest assured if you have a full set of press articles.

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Can u give discount for insta verification

I have completed a lot of orders, and this is one that was just completed yesterday. Continue to receive new orders now!