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Another successful verification. 100% success rate so far. Removed/edited your title, as you no longer have to do these without prepayment.


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Why can’t you do this without that much press? Please pm.


That’s the criteria demanded by the verification team of Facebook and Instagram. Why would they verify someone if the person doesn’t have any press? I haven’t seen a public figure that does not have any press. They operate on the same logic, they verify only if you have legit and strong press to prove that you’re a public figure/brand et cetera. Hope that makes sense.

Less press = High chances of rejection. I’ve worked at a 100% success rate so far on SWAPD. I believe it is better to get more press and then apply, so that it’d increase your chances of getting verified instead of applying with less press which would get rejected from Facebook and Instagram.

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What’s the lowest amount of press a client of yours has had and succeeded?


Facebook is more lenient compared to Instagram. I’ve had clients verified on Facebook for as low as 4 articles. Now, there’s another aspect which most people don’t know. Facebook and Instagram also consider the weightage of the PR. If there’s an article on Forbes, it’s weightage is a lot higher than that of local news sites. So, if the person has like 5 good quality press, he’s easily eligible for Facebook.

Instagram requires at least 10+ articles, the lowest amount of press I’ve worked with for someones IG is 10 articles, but the articles were on top notch news websites hence it was possible to get it through.

If you have your account name/persons name/brand name in the title of the article, the chances of verification just double.

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