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Pmed you mate, waiting for reply let me know please :slight_smile:


hey, just checking in again!


Just sent you a PM!


Sorry for the delayed replies everyone, I’ve been really busy trying to sort out the verification requests for political parties and candidates in my country as it has been election season over here, and the verification requests are being thoroughly checked. I believe in a 100% success rate policy, I have been reluctant to submit anyone lately cause I hate rejections, we all do. I’ve done successful verifications in the past weeks but Facebook and Instagram have been replying back to our requests in 10 days, which sucks. Good news is that I have all of you on my list, please don’t think I ignored anyone or don’t want you to get that beautiful tick. I just don’t believe in getting tickets raised and then keep you hanging. Each and everyone of you is precious to me. Election season is almost over in a week or so and I’d be able to do this at the same speed of 2-3 days. Much love!


Thanks for the update and good luck with your busy schedule! Sending you and your co-workers good vibes and invisible coffee!


Thanks for letting us know your current status. We will be waiting for your PM reply.


thanks for the update, Will be waiting for your reply patiently


Waiting on a reply :slight_smile:


Waiting for reply


waiting for you to get back to me please :slight_smile:


hi man ,can u verify this acc edited by staff,its a company


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Service back up and running! Performed another successful verification.


Homie I need verification. :slight_smile:


I want
Send me P.M