Facebook Instant Article

Approved Instant Article with 100k page and website avail
2 payments received needed one can contact me please

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Can you send me the URLs and page insights

250 for IA
250 for the page


sure text me

i will buy in 1000$ if uh have dear

And what if you lost access in 2-3 days after buying?
Do you need the money back or 1000$ are few money, it is not a big loss right, smart guy?!

lol after buying if it gets disabled that’s not your fault dear being smart boy :smile:

So you don’t need money back and you don’t offer money back too. 1000$ or 2000$ are to much to play this like a game. Good luck to your sale! Bye!

Thanks buddy same wishes for uh too may uh become a good pager :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you please PM me i am very interested…what’s the price???

send me stats from page and url and screen from IA that is active with screen when u are payment last months

sure and price :slight_smile:

Link please and price

inbox me

Insights and url of the page. Also please share the screen from IA

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