Facebook is not showing my image posts? displays weird message

I’ve been experiencing problems posting on my facebook pages all day, I keep getting two messages and the contents of the post is not displayed:

  1. “No photo description available”
  2. "Images may contain: "

Is anyone else affected? Anyone know what’s going on?

Not sure what is happening but it is effecting most users, fb tweeted today they were aware of the problem and are working on it.

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Did a bit of digging, didn’t think it was widespread.

Found this article: https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/3/20681231/facebook-outage-image-tags-captions-ai-machine-learning-revealed

It’s a problem related to their AI! Now that makes a lot more sense

I love how their photodetection system labels the photos. It was seen during the outage last night.

For example:
“One person smiling, water, sky, out doors, up close”

Amazing times we live in.

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Got awtsruck

This is what it looked like:

People who post risky pictures and hope their stuff will fly by are in for a big surprise. I would love to see how it labels something very adult-like.

“One penis, plumber, broken pipes, up close, smiling, bukakke.”


Yup i noticed this, but their ai tech is next level