Facebook Monetization Eligibility Help

If your Facebook page has content removed because of community standards, it says the removal affects your eligibility for 90 days under the monetization eligibility page in creator studio. After the 90 days are up, does the violation automatically disappear under that page?

yes. or will not be monetize again

Okay, mine is monetized again and the violation is gone but it still shows under the eligibility page for some reason, is this normal when it’s first removed?

will pass. if not contact me

Alright thank you. I believe it has fully recovered now. I just one other question I was wondering if you could help me with. Have you ever dealt with a warning that said something like this, “Your Page was flagged for artificially distributing content to other pages, which goes against the Monetization Eligibility Standards.”?

If so how long did it last? Please let me know

What time do invoices usually show up in your account for the previous months earnings for ad breaks?

Hey man. I had one other question I was wondering if you could help with. When it comes to violations for false news or violence in the page quality tab under recent violations, how long do they usually stay there?

Hey, sorry to bother you again but would you please be able to help me better understand Page Quality violations?