Facebook page for sell, 47k likes, USA traffic

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 47k
Topic/Niche: Animals
Promotion methods used?: Raised to 20k through pop-up on my website, other likes are organic from viral posts.

Selling facebook page about cute animals. It has a lot of posts that became viral.
I’m the owner, selling because don’t have time to work with it.
Please note that I am able to receive payment only in BTC because of my country’s restrictions.

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Url please. Thank you in advance

Please explain what does it mean “raised likes through pop ups” Is it just with plugin on your home page or is it with some other tool

I mean Facebook page plugin «Join us on Facebook» that was installed on website.

@SWAPD Can you please help Us a bit about this page. It looks great but odd. The post are varied from 2016, than nothing for months, than again post here and there on every couple of months. Last post is from yesterday. But previous one IS FROM OCTOBER 2017.

@Davorius - So the seller doesn’t post much, this isn’t uncommon. If you don’t feel right about it, ask the seller to post more frequently for a few days (he should anyway to show recent activity).

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Thank you for clarification

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I didn’t have time to make posts and forgot about this page. Yesterday I remembered about it and made a post. Then decided to sell and found swapd :slight_smile: I will schedule now some posts to show reach and activity.

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Hello, can I get the link please?


link plz

Please send URL and price. Thank you!

Send URL to me as well. Is it approved for ad breaks?

please send url

Link please. Thank you

Link please

Please note that I am able to receive payment only in BTC because of my country’s restrictions.

My offer is 300 $ bro. Send me PM if you are interested.