Facebook Page Full Rename Service - (Normal/Verified Page)

What do you need to do this? Do you need to be admin on my page?


Yes. Just Need Admin for 1 minute just change the name and removed myself.

@rockstard112 bro also give me admin and changed his page name instantly.

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Just changed a name for me took him less than 5 minutes! Nice :smiley:

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Inbox Me For Rename your Page :slight_smile: !!!

GL WS for u too buddy <3

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very good service
help me change the page name in just few minute
Highly recommended

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While the seller is successful and his last renames went without a problem, I would go slow on orders to see if these name changes do not affect the pages in any way. In the past, instant tricks similar to this one backfired after a couple of weeks and pages were mass deleted. Not saying that this will happen here, just saying that you probably shouldn’t try renaming your more expensive properties until this is proven safe.

INB4 @Comfy gets triggered because I voiced my opinion.


Voicing your opinion on swapd is not allowed.


That sounds like an opinion to me. BAN!


I want to buy a way to get a new IA approved. Please tell me the price.



Check PM everyone :slight_smile:…!!!

I have 4 5 page that blocked from merg and rename,can you merg or rename them? If yes dm pls

check pm…!!!

Since my very own rename service got paused due to lockdown.

I had an urgent need of renaming and he did it like a charm.

100% legit :fire:

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Thanks Man…!!!

Pm price

PM Done…!!!



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