Facebook Page Unpublished Issue

Does anyone facing this issue? Last one week my three page is unpublished. Causing Recent Activities . But I appealed for two and got republished. one after 4 days and another one after 9 hours. For the third one I am just waiting . But during appeal it was said they will reply shortly . I never see this message during Appeal. and my several other pages just unpublished automatically and I just published. I dont know it’s just a glitch or something new is coming . Does anyone facing this issue .

For the last one . it’s a small page with 1k likes with only 4 posts in it and all are images . and none of my pages are breaking any law … like page name changes, adult contents … all are fresh page .

Can’t really make out what you’ve tried to explain but if your page has been unpublished recently and republished after appeal, it’s best to clean your page and delete all the posts and start with better content than what you were doing until before getting unpublished.

My new pages get unpublished automatically overnight even when active.
Definitely a glitch.

And three of my 40k+ pages have been unpublished and not republished even after 2-3 appeals

Don’t really know what’s up.

Keep your Pages on a different Profile other than the current one to test if it works. And try NOT to use the same words on title you used on Unpublished Pages.