Facebook pages created with tricks | Warning!

There are many sellers, who are using threshold tricks for creating fast Facebook pages. Those pages will get unpublished, but you just don’t know when. This can happen in a few days after you buy the page or in a few months.

Some sellers are even lying about the fact, that they are using those tricks. You are spending money on a page, that you will lose 100%. I was in a ticket with a lying seller, luckily I found out on time.

It’s only a problem when the seller lies about it. Because if you want to take a risk or can earn the money back fast. Than it can still be a good deal. But those page prices are way lower (if the seller is fair about it).

I think that there should become new rules for this. People without enough knowledge (new buyers) will lose their money.


How do you know that they’re using threshold tricks or something like that?

Thank you.

Thank you for doing your part in keeping SWAPD a safe community.

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i’m sorry, what is a threshold trick?

In simple terms it’s a page that has been created and boosted by using methods to boost the threshold limit on an ad account, it’s basically an abuse of the FB ads platform and you shouldn’t waste your money on pages like such.

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It’s sometimes very hard to tell. In this case, I could easily see it on the “page history” (that you can see as admin). I could see that 5 days in a row, 10 different Facebook profiles got added as admin. In those 5 days, the page grown with 50.000 likes. That is possible. But after the 5 days (just before he start selling the page), he removed all the accounts as admin.

That is one of the big signals, that they use the threshold method.

As @MisterNiche explained, every Facebook account has a threshold limit. When the limit hits, you need to pay the bill. If the threshold limit is for example $50. You can spend $50 and after that you have to pay the bill before you can continue running ads. But if you just don’t pay the bill, you have spend $50 for “free”. You just trick Facebook. But at the end, they will recognize that you tricked them and they will unpublish the page.


Good to know @zlatan , for future transactions, thanx you a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is it possible to have instructions on how to check for this?

Nope they never unpublish the page for not paying but running ads on a page that is clickbait that is an issue

Do you have a sample of clickbait ads? @onlyverifications

The form with javascript to like the page, threshold 50$ never and ever raise a page 50k likes

Never heard of it. Can you explain it a little bit more. What does “the form with javascript” exactly means?

I think that we can all learn from it.

Run ads, target page likes so on that you upload manually a photo mostly everyone will like the post but instead of like" the post it goes to the page

But how is that possible with a simple script? I mean, you can’t force / change the FB code?

:flushed: not forcing fb changing the code it is an old trick

Interesting. Never heard of it before. Would be cool to see it live in action.

Yes they do, you will get both your account and page disabled.

Not always, right? Sometimes it will happen after maybe a year. I know guys, who are making fast money with the page. Before it gets unpublished after x (maybe a year) months.

Churn and burn.

send me the policy related to payment they will ban

If you’re lucky you have 45 days from whenever those ads for the page were ran and to when they reconcile the balances.

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