Facebook partnership - share articles from website for CPM

Hi everyone, I own a pretty popular cat blog that is updated daily with fun, entertaining and often heartwarming cat videos and rescue stories. We work with a lot of large Facebook pages who share our articles in return for a $4.00 CPM guaranteed. We are looking for more partners who are interested in sharing our articles so if you have a great page with over 100,000 followers and your page is primarily comprised of USA, UK or Canada followers, please send me a message and I’ll send you all the details. We’d love to partner with you. Thank you all!

Isnt this forbidden by fb, reach cut down for web links and rpm really low at 4usd?

Our RPM is just a few cents over $4, so if we pay any more than that we lose money.

I didn’t understand the forbidden thing??
What’s forbidden by FB???

Is buying and selling FB pages forbidden by FB?

Sharing other website links is forbidden. Im mentioning they are forbidden because it makes harder to share them and there is a chance to lose your page because of doing that. The real issue is CPM. If its a website (not IA) RPM shpuld be well over 10usd now. Maybe try different ads or placements

So sharing other people’s site links is forbidden???
Didn’t know that… This means that a alot of people that share links from BoredPanda, SunGazing, etc… on their own fanpages just for fun and for great content risk to loose their pages???

But I’m relying IA CPM, which is nowhere near $10.

FB deleted hundreds of millions of fanpages just from people on swapd. We lost 30M fans because sharing paid articles. There is a huge topic in this forum, I think its called Doomsday march, look it up.

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@nestageez sorry for hijacking your thread, I was just curious about the forbidden thing.

No worries

I’ll check it Right now and maybe will pm you for some other details.

Ill be honest I have not used IAs for past 3months, so maybe things have changed, but 4usd seems really low. I think the lowest we have ever seen is 5usd. We used to make longer articles to get the CPM up.

You can share any link from diffrent websites on all of your pages legaly if you verify that you own all the domains in your bussinies manager , rather than that you are in a big risk

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I’ve been offered this deal many times but nobody wanted to pay me 4$ cpm. I think its pretty fair and you can earn a decent amount with a good network :wink:

Absolutely, it is forbidden by fb.

May i know what this is ??

In your bussinies manager you will find domains copy the code in your website header and click verify in facebook bussinies manager to verify the domain


This marks our page to be safe ??

This tells Facebook that you own the links you’re posting and not just spamming with every link you find online for rev share or engagement networks

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