Facebook personal account restricted for advertising

Anyone who can get this issue solved ? First my ad account got disbaled then whole business manager and after a day my whole personal account is restricted for advertising that means i can no longer create nor join any other business manager on my profile .

I have been running same campaign from past 1 year and not made any big changes and my account got disabled , i am sure its automated becuase i have not did anything shady .

Appealed and it got rejected as well with all automated responses .

Can someone get this issue fixed ?

Just appeal it, with and tell them your whole issue it will be fixed in 48 hours if u didn’t do any violation.

Here is appeal links if u dont have them.
If you think your ad account was disabled by mistake, and that it follows our policies, please let us know (Log into Facebook)
b) If you were notified that your ad account was flagged for unusual activity, you can contact us using this form (Log into Facebook). Note, you must be an admin on the ad account you wish to appeal for.

Did you solve this ? Im facing same issue here , appealed and rejected .

First link I can see any ad account at the dropdown, the whole business manager vis restricted , can you help ?

Yes u can remove all pages from that restricted business without any issue

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