Facebook Username Claim Service - (INCLUDING GENERIC&SHORT HANDLES)


Our team can request and claim your desired username on Facebook. Usually, we can get most usernames that are ACTIVE or INACTIVE!

We can claim all usernames as long as they are longer than 3 characters and we have a 100% success rate on this. We can even claim very generic usernames such as “pizza”, “Michael”, “jumps” or too short (example: “meme”, “john”.)


  • The desired username must be longer than 3 characters.

Turn Around Time:

  • The timeframe varies depending on the desired username. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes it may take up to a few days.


  • If you have a placeholder profile/page, we can reassign the desired handle to your existing page. Otherwise, the desired handle comes with a fresh page.

if you have more questions regarding this service, please send us a private message!

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He claimed two high-value handles for me today. he is an amazing person to do business with! Big vouch!