Facebook Verification | Cheapest on site $1400

Want to become an industry-leading name? Facebook verification is one of the best ways to boost your authority, gain trust, and increase brand awareness.

Exclusively to SWAPD, I’m offering a** verification submission service via a trusted employee contact**

This means you need to have existing high quality press in order to qualify.

Your name needs to be featured in press publications to get verified - if you do not have press coverage, I suggest you contact @Jkr123 or @Elon who will be able to help. Once you have press, I can submit you for verification.

Our promise:

:white_check_mark: Fast verification & proven success rate

:white_check_mark: Lowest rates available anywhere

:white_check_mark: No hidden fees

:white_check_mark: Quick turnaround (24-48 hours average)

The deal: :memo:

Facebook Verification submission $1400

Facebook Business Verification $1800

This is a scam-free zone. Thanks to SWAPD, your money is held in Escrow until we deliver your verification.

Message me now to boost your engagement to the next level with verification!

  • Send me a word document containing ALL links and mentions of your name on google. Please prioritise the top tier publications at the top, followed by smaller outlets, podcasts and videos. Every links helps, so please include all links to your other social media, websites you own, Wikipedia page etc
  • Send me your passport or drivers licence.

Is this service guaranteed?

As with all verification requests, nothing can ever be guaranteed. However, you don’t pay a single penny if your verification request isn’t accepted.

What is the turnaround time?

The time for verification is max 1 week. Average time is 24-48 hours.

What happens if you fail?

You get your money back, along with tops on what to improve in terms of press coverage etc

Can you also verify business accounts?


BTC (Preferred), transferwise, Wire.


Please PM me the price for individuals

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PM sent

Have you done any sales on SWAPD?

Pm me

I have delivered verifications on swapd, yes. This is my first time offering PR+ verification on site but I have done plenty off site and showed admins before creating this thread

Pm me.

Fb & insta both verification rate?

This service is for IG only with 100% guaranteed verification.

Bump - a few tickets have already started. Still taking orders

Bump - Lowered price for the first few sales on Swapd to get the ball rolling. Get in while it lasts!


Very interested, PM me

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Yessir! Will update ya’ll, I’m very confident in this service.


I send you message

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Replied to all!

Does this involve a google knowledge panel in another language?

This does not include a google knowledge panel. We get you verified without one


PM me and we can discuss the accounts

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cheak PM plz

Interested, PM details