Facebook Verification - Content Creator

Hi everyone!

I am looking for someone who can verify a Facebook account.

It is about a content creator / digital creator / influencer / YouTube.r

I see many people on Swapd offering this service for artists or fake artists, just not for the category I’m looking for.

The person has the following:

  • He’s verified on Twitter
  • He is verified on TikTok
  • He’s verified on YouTube
  • He’s verified on Twitch
  • He is verified on Snapchat
  • Partnered with Discord

He also has the following important things:

  • Wikipedia Page
  • Google Knowledge Panel
  • 5 PR news articles, with his name mentioned in the title.
  • If you google his name you will see a lot of results about him
  • Huge following on his social media pages

He is also willing to give you access to the account to make the verification successful.

If you are the person who can help me with this, send me a private message or comment below to fix this.

Budget = $1,500

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Hey, DM me the profile link, and all the articls in the PM
i will let you know if its doable or not.

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I already have a ticket running with someone. He told me that my PR was not enough. So he is now working on PR articles for me.

Suppose after that he failed the FB verification, I will send you a message. But I trust that the person I’m working with now will be fine. :+1:t4:

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