Facebook - Very Low Reach on Videos and Pictures

Lately some of my pages have experienced nearly zero reach on photo posts and video posts. Even videos that have huge numbers of views that I am re-posting are getting almost zero reach. Is anyone else experiencing this and is there anything we can do to fix this? Perhaps it’s a Facebook bug?

Yeah, I have the same problem. One week ago that low reach start. One my page has that problem, on pic/video I have 500 reach and 15 shares, 50likes and 3-5 comment but reach is to low…So that is ok engagement but FB dont give me a reach…Page is clear, I didnt do anything wrong…

Yes, it started last week for me too. Links seem to be doing fine, but photos, videos and re-posts are doing horrible. What should we do?

Keep posting and look to the sky :smiley:


One of page having the same issue

I boost yesterday one post, and today reach is better. You can try that, boost one post with small amount.

thnx I would give it a try… you boost image or shared links?

Thank you. I am giving it a try right now and will report back on the results.

I boost image, today whole day reach is normal like before this.

the audience you choose who already liked your page?

Yes. That’s it.

did you choose audience as who already liked your page, or different audience ?

People who liked my page and their friends.

thnx let me try

How much did you boost in USD? Like $10-20?

Today again the same situation, again low reach :frowning: