Facebook Zero Reach Issue

Has anyone had the zero reach issue recently? How long does it usually take for your links to receiver reach? Please let me know.

Delete all recent links pasted in ur page (aout 2,3 months), and appeal ur page via this link


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Have you had this happen to you before or recently? If you don’t appeal will you still get your reach back after a certain time?

i got months back and reach got back after fb gave a reply in support inbox,

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When did this happen to your page? Recently?

i said month back… yeah recently in terms not days back tho…

Alright, thanks for letting me know. Has anyone else dealt with this recently and not appealed?

What happens when you have low reach, very low reach but your page is not showing here???


One of my pages is having very low reach recently on links and videos, and it seems that this is not the problem…
Any idea??? @MediaBoy

Try it from mobile…

To post the links??? or the appeal page???

I believe if you stop posting links for around a week or two your reach will begin to recover. Has anyone else dealt with the zero reach issue recently?

Reach issue is common thing in facebook. Stop spamming for a while and ur reach will be back .