Fan page with 86 000 HQ fans (Ad BREAK ENABLED) πŸ”₯



Country of followers (majority): Australia 38.600 Fans
Amount of followers: 86.000
Topic/Niche: Fitness/Gym
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): ORganic

Description: NAMED EDITED BY STAFF is an page for squatting tips, tricks and marketing tools to use on it.
With most HQ quality traffic.


Marked as Premium due to the majority of tier 1 followers. Good luck with sales!


Thank you :slight_smile: Hope it gets in the right hands :slight_smile:


Pm details please


give me link and Price bro :smiley:


PM detalis pls


Please PM the link. ThankΒ΄s


Link and price


Lowered the price :v:t2:


Lowered to 690$ Best price :grin::grin:


give me link and price bro :slight_smile:


Sent all


pm link please


I’ll offer 200


Ad break enabled


Uploaded the ad break screenshot



The best I can do is $15, and I’ll throw is a free Subway footlong, any flavour you like :grin:


Please Admins mark this as sold, because this was sold together with an other page @MeG